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Custom Packaging and Repackaging

  • Chemical Encapsulation using Inclusion packaging – Enclosing precisely pre-weighed amounts of chemical additives specified by each customer into soluble bags or dissolvable cups. This reduces exposure potential at the production work site and increases productivity and process control.
  • Unitization of Bulk Chemicals for Unique Applications - Unitization or packaging of chemicals in a way that departs from traditional containerization to meet unique customer requirements
  • Value Added Distribution – ChemPak is in some cases a value-added reseller, providing repackaging, sales and marketing and other services to customers too small for the chemical manufacturer to service cost effectively.
  • For the types and variety of packaging options available, please refer to Packaging Types & Options.

Custom Formulating

  • Chemical Dispersions, Solutions and Pastes – Dissolving hazardous chemicals into liquid carriers making them easier and safer to productively handle, store, and transport. Products are typically available in drums, pails, jugs, cans or cups.
  • ChemPak can also custom formulate, mix and/or kit products together, for example a custom resin formulation in gallon or quart cans, plus the associated catalyst or promoter to be added at the point of application by the end user.
  • For examples of the types of materials that can be incorporated in formulations, please refer to our Product List. However, please consider ChemPak for any similar or difficult chemical handling or formulating challenges you may have and we will strive to solve the problem and exceed your expectations.

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