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ChemPak currently pre-weighs to the gram over 80 different hazardous and nuisance chemicals and additives into 90 different batch specific sizes and combinations. We are constantly adding new materials to help customers with specific packaging or handling challenges. The material types include polymerization inhibitors, pigments & dyes, catalysts & promoters, internal mold release agents, nuisance materials, and other process additives & materials.

Packaging Types & Options

ChemPak has expertise in many types of custom packaging, ranging from safety packaging to protect workers from hazardous or dangerous chemicals to inclusion packaging that can be added directly to the manufacturing process. Sizes run from a few grams to drums and include water and solvent soluble bags, anti-static bags, low melt bags, pails, bottles, cans, and drums. ChemPak provides expert custom packaging and chemical handling solutions to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

Hazardous & Dangerous Chemicals

ChemPak’s expertise in safety packaging of all types of hazardous & dangerous materials is based on over 25 years of experience with large and small customers across a variety of industries. Whether your required materials are classified as Hazardous, Dangerous, Poison, Corrosive, Oxidizers or Inhalation Hazards – ChemPak can help you deal with them safely and efficiently.

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