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  • Improve Productivity – Precisely pre-weighed soluble packages or dispersions greatly enhance productivity. By eliminating distracting and time consuming weigh-ups, workers can focus their concentration on production goals. Our packages also reduce the wasted time and cost of batch adjustments, minimize part rework and down stream supply bottlenecks, lead to higher quality products, and maximize profits.

  • Maximize Consistency and Reduce Additive Use – Precisely pre-weighed additives improve process control and eliminate inconsistencies that often require greater additive usage and additional processing time. With each bag we package, we adhere to a strict double check-weigh system virtually eliminating the chance of a mis-weighed additive. By using our products, each batch is ready on time with a high degree of repeatable accuracy.

  • Reduce PPE and Training Costs - It is often inefficient and simply too costly for a company to train and equip several shifts of production workers according to the requirements of HM-126F & OSHA 29 CFR guidelines to ensure the proper level of precaution in a manufacturing environment while striving to maximize productivity. ChemPak’s scale and scope allow it to gain higher efficiencies and lower costs than our customers could achieve in the production manufacturing environment while maintaining the rigorous safety and quality procedures and standards our customers expect. Doing business with ChemPak in this way is efficient and safety promoting outsourcing by our customers.

  • Eliminate Contaminated Containers – Landfill costs for contaminated waste containers continue to escalate and some disposal practices are ecologically unsound. With our chemical handling solutions, companies can avoid these unnecessary expenses and promote responsible environmentally friendly policies too.

  • Reduce Inventory and Obsolescence - In some cases ChemPak’s customers are small users of a chemical with limited shelf life, high cost or relatively high minimum order quantities from the manufacturer. ChemPak can often help these customers reduce inventory and the potentially high costs associated with out of date chemicals by using its purchasing power and scope to provide the customer with smaller quantities than other sources are able to provide while also improving quality, safety and productivity as described above. ChemPak can often cost effectively ship 25 kg (55 lbs) or less of a chemical to a customer if needed.

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