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PBQ is widely used as an inhibitor by the molding industry. The PBQ will not work properly in solid (powder crystals) form. By dissolving PBQ into a solution, molders can easily measure and use this inhibitor effectively. ChemPak has several PBQ dispersions, ranging from 5% to 20%. Until now, PBQ has been available in 5%-15% dispersions, but at the higher concentrations the thermal stability is limited. These materials must be continuously stored at temperatures above 65ºF to avoid the possibility that the PBQ will re-crystallize and precipitate in the drums. ChemPak’s Power Bloc 15-P can be fully reconstituted with agitation or mixing if it has precipitated while others can not.


We have developed two NEW nonflammable, low VOC, phthalate free* 15% and 20% PBQ dispersions, Power Bloc 15-PT, with a long shelf life and thermal stability to 45ºF at the same price as our 15-P and Power Bloc 20-P, a 20% dispersion also with a long shelf life and thermal stability to 45ºF.

The technology behind this innovation is quite unique. By dissolving PBQ into proprietary high boiling point polyester compatible diluents, we are able to increase saturation rates and lower the temperature at which the recrystallization occurs. In addition to the cost savings and reduced additive usage, your plant can benefit from lower monomer emissions and no phthalates in your parts.


These dispersions are pumpable, allowing automation of the addition of these inhibitors to your compounds and formulations, without the need for measuring dry inhibitors and the associated handling and exposure issues.


Samples can be ordered for evaluation.

* All automotive companies and many others have prohibited phthalates from their products

Download Power Bloc 15-P sheet in PDF format

Download Power Bloc 15-PT sheet in PDF format

Download Power Bloc 20-P sheet in PDF format

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