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Clean Release is a pumpable stearate based internal mold release.


Stearates, typically calcium and zinc, are widely used as mold release agents. Mold releases work by migrating to the surface of the compound creating a thin barrier between the molded part and the mold. Smaller particle size stearates will have a greater surface area and perform better. However, smaller particle size negatively impacts viscosity. Therefore, molders typically use a larger particle size stearate to minimize viscosity fluctuations. Larger particles are also more likely to leave residue or imperfections on the surface of a molded part. If this part is painted, defects such as fish eyes emerge and require re-work. If this part is being bonded to another molded part, adhesion will be hindered for the same reason.


We have developed a pumpable mold release that reduces your stearate usage by about 60%. It works better than stearates alone as a mold release, and the quality of the finished product is far superior because lower amounts of stearates are required.

The technology behind this innovation is quite unique. By dispersing stearates in an unsaturated monomer interacting with a proprietary wetting agent, we are able to use a very small particle size stearate, enhancing the functionality of the stearate. With greater surface area, Clean Release will outperform larger particle size stearates leaving a cleaner surface on each molded part. Once its work is done, the monomer carrier polymerizes into the finished product. With a large reduction in stearate usage, paint and glue adhesion is improved considerably. Fish eyes and other blemishes associated with larger particle size stearates are virtually eliminated and re-work costs substantially reduced.


We suggest replacing your stearate with an equal amount of Clean Release as a starting point. At this level of usage, the amount of stearates present in your finished part will be reduced by at least 50%. Observe the results and adjust up or down to achieve optimal performance in your application. Replacement of around 70% Clean Release to the amount of dry stearate material by weight has been shown to be effective.


Clean Release has been extensively tested using a methylene chloride extraction test confirming that the monomer is fully polymerized.


Clean Release is available in calcium or zinc stearate form. Samples can be ordered for evaluation.

Download Clean Release sheet in PDF format

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